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Survival lyrics


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    How can you be sitting there
    Telling me that you care
    That you care
    When everytime I look around
    The people suffer in suffering
    In everyway. In everywhere

    We're the survivors; yes, the black survival

    I tell you what
    Some people got everything
    Some poeple got nothing
    Some people got hopes and dreams
    Some people got ways and means

    We're the survivors; yes, the black survival
    Yes we're the survivors like
    Daniel out of the lions' den, survivors, survivors

    So my brethren, my sisthren
    Which way will we choose
    We better hurry, oh hurry woe now
    'Cause we got no time to lose

    Some people got facts and claims
    Some peole got pride and shame
    Some people got the plots and schemes
    Some people got no aim it seems

    We're the survivors; yes, the black survival
    We're the survivors; yes, the black survival
    We're the survivors like shadrach, meshach and abednego
    Thrown in the fire but never get burn

    So my brethren, my sisthren
    The preaching and talking is done
    We gotta live up woe now, woe now
    'Cause the father's time has come
    Some people put the best outside
    Some people keep the best inside
    Some people can't stand up strong
    Some people won't wait for long

    We're the survivors; a black survival
    In this age of technological inhumanity
    We're the survivors black survival
    Scientific atrocity, we're the survivors
    Atomic mis-philosophy, we're the survivors
    Nuclear mis-energy
    It's a world that forces lifelong insecurity
    All together now we're the survivors
    Yes, the black survival
    A good man is never honoured in his own country, black survival
    Nothing change, nothing strange
    Nothing change, nothing strange
    We got to survive, we've got to survive
    But to live as one equal in the eyes of the almighty

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